Black Friday Bandwagon…

November 27, 2014

Black Friday is almost upon us and to celebrate it, I’m offering black saddle tool rolls at £10 posted in the U.K! Send me an email on between 12.01 tonight and 11.59 tomorrow night and you will receive your bag in plenty time for Xmas. (Paypal to same email address). Outside the U.K, don’t worry just email me first and I’ll quote you for postage.

Opened saddle roll

Saddle roll rolled


Saddle Tool Rolls

November 24, 2014

Tool rolls will all be made from bombproof 1000denier waterproof Kordura. They are sized to take 2 road inner tubes, Allen keys, levers, chain tool and patch kit. They can take 26″ and 29er tubes too, but you’ll only get one in there.

Saddle rolls are this years' stocking fillers. Superbly handy with a wee nostalgic feel.

Saddle rolls are this years’ stocking fillers. Superbly handy with a wee nostalgic feel.

Inner tubes, Chain tools, Money, Allen keys...whatever, it'll hold them.

Inner tubes, Chain tools, Money, Allen keys…whatever, it’ll hold them.

logo'd too.

logo’d too.

They fit incredibly well, i've ridden this prototype throughout this year in all weathers/ all conditions.

They fit incredibly well, i’ve ridden this prototype throughout this year in all weathers/ all conditions.

Saddle tool roll
They come in Black for the time being, but as I type, Yellow, Pink and Red are making their way to me. Cost is £15 posted in the U.K. Get in touch ( if you are anywhere else in the world and I can give you a quote on postage.

Taking orders

August 20, 2013

I’ve been working on a FeedBag this summer and have produced a few prototypes that have been solid on the mountain bike over all types of terrain.


Made from X-pac VX21 it’s lightweight not to notice on the bike but heavy duty enough that’ll last you a long time. It has floating bright lining making it easier for you to find your last jellybean!
it comes with removable Velcro strips where you can attach to various points around the bag so you can get the best fit possible onto the stem and handlebar.
And to make the bag even more secure, there is an attachment loop at the bottom to securely fasten a bunjy cord to the headtube. All bags will fit to left or right hand side.

Overall a very well thought out design if I do say so myself.


I’m taking orders for these over the next few weeks, so if you’re interested send me an email to – to secure your order. Or get in touch to ask any questions you may have.

Available with black or white xpac fabric.

Tour Divide ’13

August 6, 2013

I received an email back at the end of March from Michael Arenberg who was attempting the Tour Divide this year. He had seen a post from Palespruce who has written a review of a framebag that I made for him last year.

He had the same specification- amongst other things, it would have to fit the 3litres of water that he had originally planned to carry on his back. So, i set to it…long story short, after an amazing effort and putting in 27 gruelling days he made it the 2859 miles, from Banff to Mexico!


As you would expect he, his bike and the bag took a battering but all survived the ride. The bag was probably worst off, having the 3litres (which amounts to 3kg) of water in the non-drive side pocket, the velcro started to give at the seam under the weight with 6 days to go! So, with a bit of ingenuity Mike jury rigged the bag to make the last few hundred miles.

The bag is now back in my hands for a repair and after a close inspection, it is still in excellent condition (apart from the velcro at the seams). I have tested my bags but it is great to see them being put to the use they were they were originally designed for AND for the best part being able to withstand the rigours of off-road life. So, whether it be the Tour Divide, deepest darkest Scotland or in the sub-arctic Finland or Alaska, keep using and abusing them- they seem to enjoy it!

A little dirty but still good!

A little dirty but still good!

Rovaniemi 150

March 21, 2013


Here’s a snowy picture to welcome in spring, a NoLogo framebag made an appearance whilst racing the Rovaniemi 150.

Snowy Habitat

November 18, 2012

Here are a couple of pics from Donnie who had a FrameBag and TopTube bag made. He originally wanted to ride the Yukon Arctic Ultra, but sense got the better of him and has decided to head to Mongolia where, no doubt he will ride longer, at higher elevations and at similar freezing temps! Good Luck to him in his travels!

Winter has arrived in Scotland and it seems like it’s time for a weekend of training/testing kit.


fully kitted out

Hydrate “out there”

June 23, 2012

Here is a recent bag that I put together that has room for a bladder on one side (where the water tube winds its way through the bag to appear just under the toptube) and has a sectioned off area at the seattube side to store another water bottle or coffee flask for those much needed boosts to kick start you from your bivvy. It’ll be enjoying the sunnier climes of Colorado where it will be adorning Pale Spruce’s bikepacking setup.

All looks like a regular bag here…

Hydration tube coming from beneath the front velcro’d section just under the tobtube.

The removable divider keeps the bottle in it’s place.

This is where the hydration bladder lives.

Andy at Pale Spruce runs a business that sells super lightweight kits that contain emergency, first aid and personal care items, that depending on what kit you go for will easily fit into a framebag, hydration bag or even jersey pocket. The kit contains pretty much everything you would need for most of the situations/emergencies you may encounter out on a trip.

I’ve been using one of his “out there” kits for both bikepacking and backpacking and thankfully all I’ve used so far is the chamois cream (which is great by the way), no situations to deal with but it’s good to know that I’m sorted if anything does come about.

Here are a few pics I took when unpacking it (note the sunshine);

Everything is kept in a lightweight bag

I didn’t add anything to this for my last trip, apart from my trusty Opinel pen knife. It even has a folding toothbrush and tiny paste- no excuses not to look after your dental hygiene out there! 🙂

comparison with my usual first aid kit that I take backpacking

couple more

June 5, 2012

Longer straps at the front of the TopTube bags allow for more security around toptube and downtube.

Here is a picture of another bag on the same trip in the Cairngorms, I’ll hopefully be making my way in that direction in July…fingers crossed for the same great weather they had!